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2012 Celebrating 40 years of Business
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River Retreat Campground was founded in 1972 by Dale and Barbara Vance from Dayton, Ohio. Dale was a construction worker and came to Port Clinton, Ohio while working on the foundation of Davis Bessie Nuclear Power Plant. He moved his wife and family to the area where they bought farm land which they developed into River Retreat Campground. Later a pond was transformed into a marina accessing the Portage River. Dale and Barbara continued to operate the campground until their retirement in 1997 due to declining health. The campground has remained in the family and is now owned and operated by Michael and Janet (Vance) Overfield. They continue to maintain the family business with the help of their 2 sons just as Dale and Barb did with the help of their 3 daughters. Dale and Barbara Vance are both deceased but their dream lives on in the smiling faces at River Retreat.

Note From The Owners
We have learned a lot over the years of how hard it is to own a business that deals with the public and how much blood, sweat, tears and money it costs to keep it going. (Dad & Mom how did you do this for all those years). We would like to thank all our campers who have seen us through the hard times and laughed with us during the good times. This is truly a FAMILY campground and we are proud of what River Retreat Campground and Marina stands for.

Michael and Janet Overfield

River Retreat Campground and Marina, LLC
3830 West Harbor Road, Port Clinton Ohio 43452
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9am to 9pm
7 Days A Week
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